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After reading through some Search Engine Optimization tools, I assembled a list of ten pieces of information that I thought were valuable.  Here they are:

  1. Include live chat on your website – be accessible as possible for questions.
  2. Nielsen reports that 65% of streamed videos are viewed during working hours – 9am – 5pm.  Yep, that’s right, people are taking advantage of their company’s high internet speed to catch up on videos.
  3. The average duration of a video viewed online during the month of December 2008 was 3.2 minutes.
  4. Regarding the importance of clean code and fast page loads – a half second delay in page loading time was reported to cause a 20% drop in traffic.
  5. Autoplaying videos on your website is frowned upon.
  6. Only include one video on each page.  More than one can decrease load time.
  7. Images hold website viewers attention the most.
  8. Videos still have a high perceived value.  Blogs are viewed as a place to get news.  Post videos on your blog and you combine two arenas with relatively high value perception.
  9. The best way to use Twitter as a marketer is to constantly give value to your followers.
  10. Google Analytics is still one of the best tools out there for analyzing website traffic.  And it is free!

Check out The Entrepreneur School website to learn more Search Engine Optimization techniques including How to Get to #1 on Google.

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Author: Erik Rostad
Erik Rostad is the owner of EPR Creations, a website development company based out of Atlanta, GA. Erik's background is in International Business and he has traveled the world for music, business and for fun.

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July 6, 2009, 9:30 am

Another great post. An additional note to consider when implementing videos into your site is the attention span of your viewer – don’t make the mistake of creating elaborate intorudctions or opening sequences for your vlog or news segment – viewers, like readers, they want the info fast so they can move on … if you don’t give it to them fast enough, they’ll move on without it.

#9 – Erik nailed it here. Twitter is all about sharing valuable information and valuable sources with fellow tweeps – if you can’t do this because you feel you’ll lose potential customers forever, you need to learn to adapt to the social media realm and how it works. Erik pretty much covered the overall idea, but you can check out specific uses of twitter for those interested in How to Find Customers on Twitter:


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