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Small Business Impacts Employment & Recession Recovery


Basically it is widely held that small businesses through job creation and growth leads the US out of a recession. 22% of workforce without work or full time work; Small business will not be able to create new jobs as old jobs were destroyed; bad debts, tigther credit availability yeild curve is ahead of itself – David P Goldman

Health Care Debate: Are Entrepreneurs Represented? Articles, and Commentary


The Health Care Debate is certainly waging across the country – we’ve all heard that there is talk of a Christmas Eve vote (stupid), crazy filibuster schemes (necessary), and passionate (& crazy) people on both sides of the aisle. Small business has come up in the debate. Are we represented? Will anything done benefit us? […]

Obama Small Business Tax Cuts?


Will Obama’s initiatives for small businesses and entrepreneurs work?

Does Your President Know You?


President Obama wrote that his time working in the private sector was “working behind enemy lines.”  That makes me the enemy.  That hurts my feelings.  My President does not like me!  And it hurts! But, putting my feelings aside, how does this affect my entrepreneurial life?  It means the administration and its policies are likely […]