TES Professor Chris Hanks in the AJC


Professor Chris Hanks was quoted in this morning’s Atlanta Journal Constitution for his comments regarding Obama’s jobs speech last night. Mr. Hanks commented on the effect Obama’s proposed solutions would have in the real world. Read the article here.

Home Depot Co-founder on Obama's Business Bashing


Home Depot Co-founder on Obama’s Business Bashing; Ken Langone Home Depot’s Co-founder and former director of the NYSE takes Obama to task on his anit-business rhetoric.

Obama on Health Care and Such Attention on Small Business


Obama on Health Care along with Jim Beach’s predictions and primary points in the bill. Also, the focus on small business was amazing. Check it out here in the blog.

Obama Small Business Tax Cuts?


Will Obama’s initiatives for small businesses and entrepreneurs work?

Job Summit Worthless


Why were entrepreneurs not invited to Obama’s job summit?