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Everything needed to start and run a small business in the U.S.

20 Languages – 6 Seminars on Running Small Businesses – Start, Run, and Grow a Low-Risk Business.
Creativity, Marketing, Funding, Import/Export, eCommerce, Business Plans, Multiple Income Streams, Franchises, Valuations, Exit

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This series of 6 events, broadcast live on the internet in 20 languages, is designed to teach you everything you need to start a business or expand your business into the U.S. Market.  You will learn how to identify opportunities around the world, create a plan, and enter the American market.

We will start with an introduction to low-risk businesses from the ground up. We will share how to get ideas, how businesses start and succeed in the U.S., and how to grow sales of existing businesses. Our focus on low-risk is a  new way of thinking about starting a presence in the USA, often different from other countries. Low-risk startups succeed more frequently and are less painful on founders.

You then will learn how to find suppliers and partners, how to market in the USA, and how to do it all for as little money as possible.  Everything you need to know about import and export, raising money, not raising money (is it a good idea?), how to get your business to the number one spot on Google worldwide, how to get free media coverage in America, how to hire and fire, how to deal with banks and investors, and how to sell the business in the end. The curriculum is designed to teach you everything you need to know to grow a business, all with our focus on risk reduction.

We are broadcasting all 80 hours live around the world in 20 languages using the “Automated Voice Translation” software by Translate Your World. American consumers are waiting to welcome you!  Attend live in Atlanta (click here for directions and parking) or watch from anywhere in the world.

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Each Session Stands on Its Own.  Join US for One Day or All!




October 20th

      Being a Business Owner

1-1. Anyone Can Be an Entrepreneur! Most Popular
1-2. Business Owners are the Rich!
1-3. Are Entre. Born or Created?
1-4. Now Is the Time!
1-5. The Myth of Risk
1-6. The Myth of Creativity
1-7. The Myth of Passion
1-8. Business Owner DNA Most Popular
1-9. The Millionaire Myth
1-10. A New Definition of Entrepreneurship

      Creativity and Finding New Ideas

2-1. Unlock Your Fiscal Creativity
2-2. The Idea Myth
2-3. Evaluating New Ideas  – Volume vs Margin
2-4. Riches in Niches
2-5. Brainstorming
2-6. How to Name a Company
2-7. Rock Stars in an Elevator  Most Popular
2-8. New Idea Give Away!  Most Popular



October 27th

      First Steps

3-1. What to Do and in What Order Most Popular
3-2. Types of New Corporations
3-3. Protecting Your Brand: Trademarks, Copyrights, and Patents
3-4. Branding for Small Businesses

      Early Financial Planning and Raising Money

4-1. The Correct Capital Structure
4-2. The Benefits of Bootstrapping Most Popular
4-3. Accepting Credit Cards, the Square, Paypal
4-4. Raising Money from Family and Friends
4-5. Kickstarter and other Small Finance Sites
4-6. Banks and Banking
4-7. How to Get a SBA Loan
4-8. Angels and How to Find Them
4-9. How to Get Venture Money


November 3rd

       How to Find Products to Sell

5-1. Dropshipping and How It Can Build Your Firm Most Popular
5-2. Finding Product Suppliers
5-3. India and Outsourcing, oDesk and eLance
5-4. Evaluating Business Partners

       Service Based Bootstraps

6-1. Service Business Advantages and Disadvantages
6-2. When Your Product Is a Service
6-3. Packaging Services into Product Bundles

       How to Sell

7-1. Sales Strategies for Small Businesses
7-2. How to Determine Price and Set Markups
7-3. Seven Simple Steps To Seal The Deal
7-4. Growth Through Email Marketing
7-5. How To Make Your Organization a Media Darling
7-6. How To Free Radio Exposure Most Popular
7-7. What to Know About PR
7-8. How to Network
7-9. How to WOW in a Presentation
7-10. Chris’ Backward Marketing System  Most Popular
7-11. Jim’s LinkedIn Marketing System
7-12. Making an Infomercial, Cost of TV, Radio, Cable
7-13. Getting Rights to Songs, Pictures, Videos and other Media



November 10th

       Websites and eCommerce

8-1. Beginning Website Issues
8-2. eCommerce Setup
8-3. SEO and Getting to #1 on Google Most Popular
8-4. Yahoo, Amazon, Google Marketplace and eBay
8-5. Marketing through Social Media
8-6. Getting started with your website
8-7. Running Google Ads
8-8. Websites That Generate Sales
8-9. Email Trends Guaranteed to Increase Your Success
8-10. Mobile- The Next Revolution Is In Your Pocket
8-11. Bootstrapping a Website
8-12. Pinterest and SEO Most Popular



November 17th

        Human Resources and When to Hire

9-1. When to Make the First Hire
9-2. How to Hire w/o Hiring
9-3. Effective Strategies for Interviewing
9-4. What to Include in Your Offer
9-5. How to Write an Employment Contract
9-6. How to Get Your Employees to Care More than You Do Most Popular
9-7. HR Rules and How to Not Get Sued
9-8. How to Fire Someone
9-9. How to Build a Board, If You Should

       Ongoing Financial Issues

10-1. Don’t Let Slow- or No-Pay Customers Ruin Your Business
10-2. Multiple Income Streams Most Popular
10-3. Focus All Spending On Your Mission and Increase Success
10-4. Small Business Profitability Makeover
10-5. Basic Tax Planning
10-6. Use of Credit and Working Capital
10-7. Small Claims Court and Legal Issues
10-8. Monitoring Your Competition

       How to Export Your Products

11-1. Opportunity versus Necessity
11-2. Entrepreneurship and Country Growth
11-3. Ranking Levels of Global Entrepreneurship
11-4. Importing/Exporting Rules and Procedures Most Popular
11-5. How to Succeed at Exporting Highlight
11-6. How to Export a Service



December 1st

         How to Write a Business Plan, If You Should

12-1. Why Write a Business Plan
12-2. Sexy, Unique and Compelling Business Plans Most Popular
12-3. Business Concept
12-4. The Elevator Pitch
12-5. Market Analysis
12-6. Writing a Company Overview
12-7. Writing a Marketing Plan
12-8. Operations Planning
12-9. Management Plan
12-10. Financial Plan
12-11. Presenting Your Plan



December 8th

        All About Franchises

13-1. How to Select a Franchise
13-2. How to Buy a Franchise
13-3. How to Run a Franchise

       Buy a Business with No Money

14-1. Finding a Broker
14-2. Negotiating the Deal Most Popular

       Valuations and Exit

15-1.  What Is Your Company Worth?
15-2.  Raising Money for Growth
15-3.  Maximizing your Business Value
15-4.  When to Quit Your Day Job
15-5.  How to Accelerate Growth



December 15th

       Ownership Success Factors

16-1. John Wooden on Success
16-2. Entrepreneurial Leadership
16-3. Time Management for Business Owners
16-4. Personality by Decision Most Popular
16-5. Paint It Red
16-6. Game Changing Key Performance Indicators

      Business Model Generation

17-1. Canvas Highlight
17-2. Patterns
17-3. Design
17-4. Strategy
17-5. Process



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