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    School for Startups is a collaboration by seasoned entrepreneurs who have taught thousands of entrepreneurs.
    Does the idea of starting your own business scare you? It did for the authors of this book until they took simple steps to turn their ideas into businesses. This book is a result of the lessons learned starting these businesses.
    It is important to remember that entrepreneurship does not have to be a distant dream. It does not take years or even months to launch a business. But first, you must quickly adjust your mindset and know that you are just as qualified as anyone out there to be an entrepreneur.
    Meet the Authors

    Jim Beach School for Startups

    Jim Beach

    Jim started working as a research assistant at the Japanese External Trade Organization in Atlanta. He attended graduate school in Hawaii before working for Coca-Cola in Japan. At age 26, he founded American Computer Experience, which provided technology training for young people. He sold the company in 2001 and started teaching at Georgia State University. He now teaches at the University of Tennessee/Chattanooga. He has worked extensively with United Parcel Service to promote exports.

    Chris Hanks School for Startups

    Chris Hanks

    Chris is an entrepreneur and lecturer at the University of Georgia where he teaches entrepreneurship at the Terry College of Business. He also serves as the director of the Terry College of Business Entrepreneurship Program. Certified as a business appraiser, Hanks provides expert witness testimony regarding the value of privately held businesses. He is also active in the funding and franchising of startups. He has owned multiple businesses, including music, e-commerce, publishing, and export ventures.

    David Beasley School for Startups

    David Beasley

    David is a graduate of Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism. He worked for 25 years as a reporter and editor for The Atlanta Journal Constitution newspaper. His stories have appeared in many publications, including The New York Times, and he is now the legal correspondent for Bloomberg News.