Facebook Marketing for Dummies Author John Haydon


from my interview with John Haydon…

rocket“It felt like I had jumped off a building with plane parts and I was trying to assemble the plane on the way down before I hit the ground.

It all comes down to the audience. If I have a business and my customer is a bunch of 13-year-old girls then I am not going to be on Facebook. I shouldn’t say that. I should say I would be focusing on the social platforms that they are using. They are using Facebook yes, but also Pinterest Instagram, and others. As a business owner you have to go where the people are.

Facebook has 1.2 billion users. The people that use Facebook tend to use Facebook a lot. 720 million members login daily. So this is not just the biggest social network, it is the one that has had the most activity. That is the critical thing. I would not recommend Facebook to a business that is more B2B. It is not a B2B platform. It is more B2C. In the work that I do with nonprofits trying to reach their constituents, when asked if we should be on Facebook I say yes because your constituents are there. On average 80% of any given email list is on Facebook.

john_haydon_quoteI am not a huge fan of Facebook simply because they are a public company. Not just because they are a public company, but they are like most marketers. Facebook is really putting the squeeze on people right now. It was much more free for marketers, people could create a Facebook page and reach most of their fans, and all of that is history. People are lucky if they are reaching 5 to 10% of their fans. They have acquired those fans, but the game has totally changed. I really hear how people can be frustrated with that, and angry. The fact is it does exist. Your average person that uses Facebook doesn’t care about the marketers having to pay for advertising or not. The ads are annoying so they ignore them, but if the marketers are all upset who cares about that?

If you are a small business and your customers are consumers, or B2C, then you should post at least once a day. The reason you want to post at least once a day is because that is the rhythm of Facebook users. They wake up in the morning look at stuff, like the daily active users. So publishing every single day gives you that daily exposure. Marketing 101 is all about repetitive exposure to people. That’s the first thing.

The second thing is you don’t want to talk about only your business. You don’t want to say we have a sale by this thing, buy this thing. 20% of your content should be self-serving, we have a deal, and the rest of it should be about the fans. Let’s say we have a surfboard shop. They are selling surfboards and they have a sale, yes. But they are really going to engage fans if they talk about how to surf. Share great pictures of great waves. Facebook is about people talking to people. It is never about a brand talking about themselves. That just does not work. From a marketing perspective, is the difference between a brand voice and what you can call the friend voice. That surfboard shop, what their real intentions should be is to see how can we get our existing customers to like, comment, and share our content on Facebook so that their friends see it.

besttimeofdayNighttime generally is better, around 8 o’clock or 9 o’clock, because again it comes back to the audience. Facebook has an analytics tool which is a pretty robust tool which will show you who your fans are and when they are on Facebook, what they like, all this fun stuff. You can use all of that information to decide what time to post. But weekends are such a huge opportunity for small businesses because most brands are not using Facebook on the weekends. They just go home, they shut their doors, they are gone for the weekend. So no one is posting on these pages. If you come along and post something you’re going to have a lot more exposure in the weekend. More people are using Facebook and less brands are using Facebook on the weekends. It’s a pretty big opportunity.

Yes, for auto scheduling I recommend Post Planner. The reason I recommend it is that it has a queue feature, which is similar to a buffer which allows you to schedule stuff for whenever you want. It’s the same thing for Facebook and I will even allow you to repeat posts. So if you publish a link you can have that link go out every other week to the Facebook page. It’s a pretty robust tool that I would recommend to any small business owner for sure. It’s a huge time saver.”

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Music Entrepreneur June Archer


from my interview with June Archer….. June-Archer_quote

“If you can’t change the friends that are around you, then you have to change the friends that are around you. You see you are heading in the wrong direction. The old saying if you hang with nine broke friends, you are bound to be the 10th one. So if you hang with nine negative friends, the same things to happen.

Artists don’t understand that it takes a machine to get behind you to promote, market, develop an act. When you look at it from that standpoint it is a business. Because in order to get on a Target commercial or alcohol sponsor or soda sponsor, it takes money and relationships to make these things happen. Artists opened the table with these relationships. When you are putting out money and you have to make that money back, the only way to make that money back is to take it from the artist royalties, tours or merchandise. If we put you on a platform to make money, the only way for us to get that money back is to take a percentage of everything you get revenue from. So it’s a tough business, but if you look at it from an independent standpoint and see them taking on all that responsibility, you start to see the business model little differently.

June Archer

June Archer

People have to realize that you have to look at the music business and Internet just like you look at banking and the ATM. The ATM machine did not kill banking. It made it more accessible for people to have access to their money at times when the bank was closed. Now is the age of the ATM machine money. The Internet didn’t kill the music business. The industry should have embraced Napster and said we should get together and make this work so the business model does not get broken. So that everyone can get paid. The music industry was so behind, so against what was going on, it kind of fell behind Napster. It took off and music is accessible to anyone, some don’t have to pay for it. If a big band can’t make money on their creations, what is the reason to make the music?”

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John Kremer with Pinterest Marketing Tips


from my interview with John Kremer…

John+kremer_quote“I have been using Pinterest for about two years now. The reason I like it is because it is driving traffic. One of my websites gets five or 600 visits a day, primarily from Pinterest. Pinterest forces me to think visually. It makes me put a visual on every blog post that I write. Everything that I am doing now. Whenever I want to go back and read fresh a blog post, all I do is add a nice image to it and then I pin it, and of course I share with the other social networks. I re-share it. It is a way of revitalizing all my old blog post. As a writer I was always focused on words so I rarely added images. Now I do it all the time. A blog post should have one image, more if it needs it. If the blog post is 2000 words and needs more than one image, I would use more than one image. I have some posts that are very long and have 5 or 10, maybe even 20 images because it needs them. It helps to illustrate the story. I don’t like using images that don’t tie into the story. I don’t like to use a image for images sake.

If nothing else I will create a quote graphic and then put that out. A quote excerpted from the post. The interesting thing about a quote graphic is that they are shared a lot on Pinterest. People like inspirational quotes. So I often use those because they have very strong pin interest.

There are five really big categories that people love on Pinterest. I call them the five Fs. Food, family, funny, funny, and fitness. If you look at those what do you see? You see that Pinterest is very much a female centric website. It is about 50-50 now men and women, probably a little bit more women, but female share. Men don’t repin. The value of Pinterest is an the repins. For example, my wife did one pin and she has like 12 followers. But she got 1000 repins from it. What happened? One person that had a big following repinned it and then suddenly it took off. The power of Pinterest. I pinned one info graphic that I created for a book and it has had 627,000 repins so far. If it’s a good graphic, something that really inspires people. A typical pin probably gets 100 repins to begin with, but I have many that now get anywhere from 4,000 to 50,000 repins.

pinterest_marketingThe thing about Pinterest is that it keeps on giving. In other words, as more people discover your pins because someone else repinned, and they repinned, it is like one of those multilevel pyramid schemes or chain letters. The fact of the matter is that Pinteres really goes and goes. That one pin that is had 640,000 pounds, I originally pinned in December 2012. But it still drives hundred or 200 people every day to come to my website. I created a pin of a Forbes article and it has had 40,000 repins in about two months time. And it drives a hundred or 200 people to my website every day.

There are other things that people pin a lot. One is beautiful scenes, sunsets, gorgeous castles, and things like that. They pin about Pinterest, so if you write about Pinterest they will repin it. And the third thing and probably the most important one for most people is the inspirational quotes. People love sharing them. I don’t care what field you are in, you have inspirational quotes. You have people things that inspire people in your discipline that could also inspire people outside of that.

The other thing that is really important is that you have to fall in love with what you are doing, because that love gets passed on. If you are passionate about what you are doing, people pick up on it. People know when you are blasé about what you are doing. People pick up on it, it leaks through. So you have to love what you are doing. The other thing is you have to genuinely like people. Smile that you get when you meet people in business circumstances, but someone who generally finds you interesting and goes for you right away. You’re much more likely to create a relationship with them. I am basically a writer which means I love to be in the attic writing. So in some ways I hate people, but I have learned to love them and they know the way.”

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Bass Ackward Sales with Steve Beecham


from my interview with Steve Beecham…

steve_beecham_sales“I had a large mortgage company and one day I got a call from another loan officer and he said, ‘There is about 5 or 10 of us that want to leave this company can we come work for you.’ And they did. Another week I got another call and another 10 came and tripled my business all in one week.

I got to thinking, they are going to expect me to do some advertising for them. I don’t advertise in the traditional sense. So I started writing what we would call today a white paper about what I wanted them to know, how I did my referral base business and I wanted to be able to give them that on paper. I was at a mortgage convention and I showed it to a couple people and they were saying I had never heard of this or I had never thought about it this way. They said you need to write a book! The more people I showed it to the more suggested I should write a book. I got a person to help me write the book, because I didn’t do very good in English and I self published it. Next thing I knew I was getting calls from people around the country to come and speak and so I do a lot of speaking.

Steve Beecham

Steve Beecham

The first thing I teach people is that you have to have what I call a deeper conversation with somebody. What we typically do is have a conversation that I call a social conversation. ‘How you doing? I’m doing fine? How you doing? What you do this weekend? We did this. What did you do?’

So you walk away from the conversation with nobody ever gaining anything. The whole time you are talking I am thinking about what I’m going to say. So I decided to change that around. What I realized is that the best relationships you have what I call a deeper relationship. My grandmother would just ask me questions and would just want to know what was going on. A really good coach or teacher or mentor in my life would really probe me with more questions. I decided I wanted to do that. I met Jeff Foxworthy in a parking lot and he did that to me.

As salespeople we are taught to go in and say, ‘Hey look at me you need to buy my stuff. You need to stop what you are doing right now and listen to me!’ And I thought that’s all bass ackwards. You need to go in and say, “How can I help you, what can I do for you? What is going on in your life?’

So I teach people that relationships are built not so much on a professional basis but more so on a personal basis. People love you and trust you and really want to do business with you when they know that you really care. One of the best ways to show people that you care is to be genuinely interested in what it is they are doing or what is going on in their life.”

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Pinterest Marketing with Cynthia Sanchez


from my interview with Cynthia Sanchez…

Cynthia_Sanchez1“I started a blog about what was new to me on Pinterest. It was a way to expand my horizons if you will. I like to go on adventures, and I could have a little adventure every day on Pinterest by finding a new crafty thing to do, a new recipe, or something like that. Or even just discovering a new website. So I started writing about that and if it was a recipe for instance say, did it really work out or was it really good. One of the posts that I wrote was about getting my haircut using. I took my phone with the Pinterest app to show the stylist a few pins that I had put on my Pinterest account and said I like this part and this part. She cut my hair. We took pictures and I wrote a blog post about it. I asked the salon owner to put the business card there, and they said sure. I had been going there for a few years and they had a lot local business cards there.

About two weeks later, I got contacted by another another new local business that wanted to get started with social media. I was kind of shocked by it. When I left my business card there I was just hoping for a couple more readers to my blog. I was very up front, straight forward and said I am not a social media person, I am not a marketing person, I am a nurse! This isn’t what I do. Then the business was really not in the field that they had done previously and they said, ‘it doesn’t matter. We like what you are doing, we like your site, we like the way you write, so let’s give it a try.’ That is how I got my first client.

Cynthia Sanchez

Cynthia Sanchez

It is a common misconception that unless you have a product to sell or a really strong visually-based business that you can’t use Pinterest. That is just not true. I myself have a nonvisual based business. There are only so many screenshots I can take of Pinterest to communicate my message. I have to get a little bit creative. Accounts can only show so many pictures and graphs. You have to get a little bit creative. It doesn’t have to be difficult or hard. There are tons of resources for images online, royalty-free, attribution free and just free. Alter them to meet what you need.

If you’re tied up with your business and other social networks, and this is not fitting into your schedule right now, one thing you can do is include a pen it button on your website. The people who visit your site to buy your products or read your blog or whatever the case may be, let them do the sharing for you. You might want to put a little extra effort into creating nice shareable images, because these images can get shared across several social networks. Just that bit of extra creativity, that little bit of time and effort can go a long way. As we know now, things are moving more and more to the visual as they call it. People are in a hurry, they are looking at things on your smart phones, so reading a lot of text is a bit tedious. It’s a lot easier to grab their attention with a picture than a big block of text.”

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Zentrepreneur John Murphy, Victim Consciousness & Murphy’s Law


from my interview with John Murphy…

John Murphy

John Murphy

“We use brainstorming as a tool. We are not going to get creative if we don’t get out of our way and open up our minds to alternatives. We are surrounded by ideas, surrounded by opportunities, there is nothing more abundant in the world than opportunity and ideas. When we open ourselves up to that by letting go of resistance, denial and ego, this attitude that we already have it all figured out and that we have all the answers. I always say it doesn’t do any good to ask questions if you are not willing to consider the answers.

I teach a very contemplative approach which is let’s suspend judgment, let’s suspend disbelief, let’s open ourselves up and let’s play with ideas. But let’s not play with them to play with them. The idea is that the entrepreneur combines that playful open present minded views of ideas and creativity with actions. The entrepreneur takes those Zen like ideas and acts on them and takes some risk and does something with them, rather than just sit around and brainstorm. We act on the ideas. By acting on the ideas we manifest the dreams so it is a reality. I am a believer in brainstorming as long as it is connected with something that is useful. When I wrote the book Zentrepreneur, one chapter is titled What If? ‘What If’ is full of brainstorming. What if I write a book? What if I start a radio show? What if I try a different method at work? What if I pull a team together and we explore a completely different way to do this? We are so full of what if’s all around us the question then is we need to sort through and prioritize. What we do then as ask why and why not?

murphys_lawI happen to be born on Friday the 13th, so that is chapter 1. Chapter 2 is Murphy’s Law, which should speak for itself, as my name is Murphy. Murphy’s Law is that if anything can go wrong it will at the worst possible moment. Combine Friday the 13th with Murphy’s Law and add chapter 3 which is the terrible twos. I almost killed myself twice by the age of three, some very close experiences with death. You start to wonder. What is life all about? A kid named Murphy born on Friday the 13th that has had two near death experiences by the age of three, is there a pattern or is there something going on here?

Now here is the punchline. If I ever believed for very long that I was destined for die or failure and bad luck, and I had my questions growing up, if I took on a victim consciousness, then I would be a victim. It ties into the law of attraction. We attract into our lives what we dwell on, what we believe to be what we are. If we believe we are doomed, we are going to be doomed. If we believe we are victims, we are going to be victims. If we believe in scarcity, we are never going to have enough. At the deepest level we attract and reap what we sow.

I had a very crippling injury at 17 and I was told I would never walk without limping and would never play football again. Football was the near and dear to me at the time and we had just won the state championship in Michigan. I was coming back from my senior year and had a devastating accident with a lawnmower. Actually one of my first businesses was starting up a lawn crew with several people and we had a lot of customers and I happened to run my foot over with a lawnmower. 10 hours of surgery and a week in the hospital later, and award winning surgeon said I have bad news for you son, your football career is over and you will be lucky to walk without limping. I cried.

Rocky Bleier

Rocky Bleier

My grandfather gave me a book called on courage. The book was the story of Rocky Bleier who went on to win four Super Bowls with the Pittsburgh Steelers. But Rocky was severely injured in Vietnam during the war and was told  exactly what I was told, you are never playing football again. Go sell cars or insurance or something. He refused to accept that and did rehab over a three year period, and came back and made the Pittsburgh Steelers and 4 super Bowls. I was on the speaking circuit with Rocky a few years later and I actually held all four of those Super Bowl rings in my hand. It was another teary moment for me because I had never told Rocky my story, but long story short, I am in the hospital and I am reading this book about Rocky Bleier and I made up my mind to do the same thing. Two years later I was playing at Notre Dame.”

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Mom Inventor Tamara Monosoff


From my interview with Tamara Monosoff…..

Tamara Monosoff

Tamara Monosoff

“Mom Inventors started 10 years ago accidentally when my daughter Sophia started pulling the toilet paper. It was cute until she clogged the toilet so I went out to the store to purchase a package that prevented someone from doing and there wasn’t any anything. So that is what inspired me to invent it!

I was online and there wasn’t a road map that was available to walk me through the steps and I had no background whatsoever in product development. So I started to go through the process and made lots of mistakes along the way. When I did bring the TP Saver to market, I ended up going on the Today Show as my first experience of getting out the word about the product. What fascinated me from that that experience was that about a half-million people came to my website and they weren’t necessarily interested in my product, they were asking me how to bring their product ideas to market.

That was my AH Ha moment when I realized many people need the help that I so desperately needed myself. So that’s what inspired me to write the first Mom Invented Handbook almost 10 years ago. The second edition is launching this week because the whole world has completely changed since I wrote the first edition.

You don’t know what you don’t know, so I was just trying to figure it out. Believe it or not Google did not exist when I was going through this process and so I was using the Yellow Pages. My kids don’t even know what the Yellow Pages are today, but that’s how I was searching for people who could make it. I was going to machine shops and trying to figure out which plastics to use. It was very difficult and time-consuming because literally when I would try to find a book on the topic there wasn’t anything that said here is step one, step two.

tp_saverSo I was making mistakes along the way, and now 10 years into it and having helped thousands of entrepreneurs, the number one mistake that I made and that also I see that people tend to make is that they don’t think about whether or not it is indeed a viable business. The key is to do the market research which most people don’t do, and it’s not their fault. It’s because they aren’t shown how to do market research. How do you find this information about how many people with potentially buy your product?

You need to do research and surveys and informal focus groups which you can do on your own. I teach you exactly how to do it. Find out from real people if they like your idea, if they would purchase it, or what they would change, what they don’t like, and you can get the most invaluable feedback. You can say yes indeed there are enough people out there and these are the things that they suggested that Iimprove and weave them into the design of it so you are putting out the best product possible. This is the stuff that most people skip.”

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Theology of Achievement w Willie Jolley


From my interview with Willie Jolley….

Dr. Willie Jolley

Dr. Willie Jolley

“I have only just a minute, only 60 seconds are it. Forced upon me I can’t refuse it. Did not seek it. Didn’t choose it. But it is up to me to use it. That I must suffer if I lose it, give account if I abuse it, just a tiny little minute, but an eternity is in it!

Since we have spoken, and I was able to finish my doctoral studies and get my doctorate degree. I got a Doctorate of Ministry with an emphasis on the theology of achievement. Helping people to have greater achievement and figure out what it is that keeps them from achieving. And then helping them to get over that hump whatever it is.

A lot of that came out of my work with major companies in particular for Ford. Most people remember Ford for the fact that they were able to reject the government bailout in 2009. And then go onto billion-dollar quarters after that. They may not remember that in 2006, Ford was on the brink of bankruptcy. It was losing $1 billion a quarter. The first time ever that brought in new CEO whose last name was not Ford. He said we have to change the culture of this company and we have to do right now. I said, ‘If you will let me talk to the employees about living in their dreams and making the most of opportunities, taking and seizing opportunities if it is right for you, then I will be happy to talk to them.’ I spent weeks talking with Ford workers talking about living their dreams.

williejolley3Some people say give the man a fish. Others say teach him to fish and I love what TD Jakes said. He said, ‘Don’t just give him fish and don’t just teach him to fish, teach them to buy the pond so his children’s children will be able to have fish forever.’ I believe people are getting stuck in the old theology of achievement. The new theology of achievement is that sometimes you are going to have times when you are in need and you need a helping hand, but they are not supposed to give you their arm and their leg. They are supposed to give you a helping hand and help you that way if they help you up, you can see your gifts. You will never reach your brilliance or genius or your potential if you are in a mindset of always getting. Be a go-getter, go make it happen, go use your gifts and you will do much better in that position than just the receiving position.”

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No Thinking with Broadway Producer Ken Davenport


From my interview with Ken Davenport….

Ken Davenport

Ken Davenport

“For every show that I produce on Broadway, I will go raise money. For the very first show I did, it was a small off-Broadway show called ‘The Awesome 80′s Prom,’ I raised $120,000 to do that. Now I produce musicals where I am in charge of raising $10 million.

Obviously, like most entrepreneurs out there, as you get bigger and more experience you raise more amounts of money and create bigger companies. But it is very much like every other industry. I have to go out there and find these people. They are people like you. They are accountants, lawyers, people that love the theater. They are not just this image of this huge Angel sitting on a mountain of cash doling out stuff for the arts.

I specialize actually in the smaller investor. In fact, a few years ago I was the producer of the first ever crowd funded Broadway musical, Godspell. Which I did with 737 investors and raised $5 million and took investments as little as $1000 at a time, instead of the average Broadway investment which is about 25,000. So the myth of Broadway being funded by fatcats or that the smaller guy can’t get involved is not true. It is very easy for folks to get in for $10,000 here and there.

Entrepreneurs I find to be very high functioning, high thinking individuals. They are smart, they are methodical, they are business minded, they are type A, they are OCD, all these things. And often sometimes is the not best material, the genetic makeup if you will, that makes for the most successful entrepreneurs. When you think too much you don’t take action. So what I would tell my son or daughter or anyone that comes to me, if you have an idea do it. Don’t think about it too long. Just plan out and decide what you are going to do, but launch it. Start it.

Because that’s when frankly you really learn. And that’s when things happen. I have found something good comes from every single project that I start. Whether the project succeeds or fails, I learned something, I meet somebody, I get another idea, something good always comes. When I have an idea, trust my instincts and go and watch and see what happens. Get your product to market. Don’t sit there in your apartment are your office wondering what could be. Just get it out there and see what happens.

Businessmen and women should adopt the philosophy of a child when taking action, which is they don’t think. There is no fear. ‘What is that? What does that taste like?’ And they pick it up and put it in their mouth. Kids just want to know something so they get the answer. And sometimes it really tastes bad. But sometimes it is good. I think sometimes we need to embrace that part of us. All the due diligence that I do on shows, I have missed opportunities because I did that too much. I should’ve just gone with something that I think is great. You just have to go with your gut. You have to do things that you love, the Peter Lynch philosophy of investing which I think is the same philosophy as producing or starting a company, “What would you use every day? What would you like?’ Invest in that.”

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SEO w Shark Tank Winner Nikki Pope


From my interview with Nikki Pope….

Nikki Pope

Nikki Pope

“Probably anyone who owns a business, website, or has a business phone will receive three or four sometimes calls a week from SEO companies, or it will be an automated call saying, ‘hey this is Google we want to check on your listing.’ And it is not Google. Google does not call people. We want to make sure that the SEO that we provide for people is white hat SEO. We came across this working for a different company that mostly did black hat techniques. While they gave all of their clients really fast results, when Google made an update like the Penguin update, all of those websites lost their rankings. Some of them were getting all business from that. We did not like being part of so we took all of our knowledge and left.

Stay away from pay per click advertising, because it is a money vacuum and we focus on getting our clients ranked. It is not a fast process, it can take four, five, or six months to get someone on the first page of Google depending on what they’re trying to go for.

If you have a keyword that is going to be difficult to get on the front page of Google, we also throw in some longtail keywords because they generally rank faster. If you are a printing company and want people to come to you for business cards, ‘business cards’ would be a short tail keyword. Not just because it is two words, but it is the biggest keyword that people will search for on Google. So there is more competition for that. A long tail keyword would be like ‘custom design business card.’ It’s a little bit more specific. Business card gets 4.2 million hits a month, and of course you want that traffic, but it will take a long time to get your business up there. The other only gets 600,000 hits a month and will be easier to get you ranked, and you will start to get you some traffic. If we do that over time, Google is going to say, ‘ they would probably be a good fit for business cards also.’

You always need to be updating content. What you need to do is keep in mind how people might find you online. Whatever word you think they like typing on Google to find what you do, the content that you create to your site should use those words.”